Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal

Paypal Canada

Paypal is one of the popular modes of depositing and withdrawing money online and doing safe and secure transactions. Likewise at online casinos it is widely sought by players to fund their casino account. Also the fact that you can more easily manage your payments without over spending and more importantly, you won’t get random debit orders flying off on your PayPal account.

PayPal, also sometimes referred to as a web or e-wallet, offers the users the facilities of paying according to their convenience.  Since its launch in 1998 this method of online transaction is used many people worldwide. When it comes to funding your account at the online casinos you will find that not all online casinos list Paypal as their mode of deposit. It is because it is not yet popular at casinos and secondly due to some countries legal issues Paypal is not available.

PayPal has some very tight controls on how their services can be used for gambling, and that extends to Internet casinos as well. The easiest way to explain this is that they will only allow licensed online gambling operators to accept Paypal deposits, and they can only do so in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed. All UK licensed casinos can apply with Paypal but in the US or Canada same casino cannot accept Paypal deposit . So that means it matters under what jurisdiction you are playing.

Also the lack of regulation of online casinos in Canada you won’t find many online casinos that allow PayPal as a method of depositing online.

Online Canadian Casinos accepting Paypal

Being a Canadian Player you can make and receive payment with Paypal. Following are the online casinos that accept Paypal as a deposit option.

Poker sites accepting Paypal

Paypal Poker sites canada

There are not many Canadian poker sites that accept PayPal as method of payment. But nothing to worry as is currently the only site in Canada that offers an online poker PayPal option, allowing Canadian customers to purchase real money play chips using their PayPal accounts. is one of the best online poker sites that accepts PayPal in Canada or anywhere else.

They have a huge selection of games and tournaments, rules and hand rankings, the best software, top customer support, excellent security, and quick payouts. Canadian online gamblers can even hone their skills with play money before they dive in with real cash funded by their payment method of choice. Add the ability to play poker with PayPal to the mix, and you easily have one of the best online poker sites for Canadian gamblers.

If you wish to play poker with Paypal then Click Cashier, then Buy Play Chips, and on the Payment Method screen, click Alternative Payment Methods to find the PayPal option.

How to deposit using PayPal

Making paypal deposit

Making a deposit is extremely simple. If you are at a casino that accepts PayPal, you should see it listed under the options listed on their cashier or Banking page. Select Paypal as deposit option, enter the amount you want to deposit. From there, you’ll be taken to your PayPal account and go through the same verification steps you would if you were making a purchase online. The entire process can be completed in a minute or so, and your funds should immediately appear in your casino account.

When you deposit money into your PayPal account via bank transfer or credit card, you can then use these funds at online casinos. You also have the option to link a credit card to your account so PayPal can make automatic withdrawals when it’s used to deposit at a casino site. The great thing about PayPal is that you can use your everyday account that you use for all internet transactions, or you can open a totally separate account with a different credit card and dedicate it to casino play. This is a good method in regulating the amount of money you spend and helps you keep track of your winnings.

How Paypal works

Paypal how it works

PayPal as an eWallet is completely free to use to make payments online. When you use PayPal as an E-Wallet at an online casino, your transactions will be instantaneous, when you’re depositing to play.  You don’t have to wait for days to send money from your account, instead you can enjoy your favourite games immediately.

How to set up your paypal account

How to set account

If you don’t have a Paypal account, it takes just 2 minutes to set one up.

  • Go to
  • Click on the Sign Up button at top right corner.
  • Select your country, language and account type, individual or business.
  • Fill in all the details
  • Click “Agree and Create Account”
  • Once account is created you need to verify it by entering your PAN card
  • You will get the verification code to verify your account

The amount you can deposit varies depending on the casino you are playing at. Most set both minimum and maximum deposit amounts that are wide enough to cover the needs of most players. However, if you want to deposit even more money, you may be able to contact the customer service department to make special arrangements. There may also be restrictions on your PayPal account that limit how much money you can spend in a single day.

PayPal app on your Cell phone

If you enjoy playing casino games with your cell phone then you need worry you can still make your deposit with Paypal if the online casino in which you are playing is accepting this deposit mode.

You can pay by PayPal Cell phone app that works well for all the cell phone smartphones like iPhone, Android and Windows Cell phone.

The Paypal app can be downloaded to cell phone device directly from PayPal’s website. Another option is to have it from Google Play, Microsoft Windows or iTunes and install the app.

Fees at Paypal

When using Paypal there’s no transaction fee, only a fee for currency conversion, and you’ll still earn reward points on your credit or debit cards. For receiving overseas payments, you only pay a transaction and currency conversion fee. If you collect payments regularly, use a PayPal business account for additional tools and discounted rates.

Paypal is safe and secure

Secure payment mode

PayPal is fast, reliable, and secure, making it one of the best ways to complete any online transaction, including deposits into casino sites. A typical transaction takes just moments to complete, and there is little risk of identity fraud or similar concerns when using the service. PayPal also allows you some flexibility in your funding, as you can either use money already in your account or link a bank account or other financial device in order to fund your purchase and deposits.

It can also serve as your withdrawal method from online casinos. That means that, as long as you are playing at sites that accept PayPal, it can be your single stop for moving your funds around, as all of your casino banking can go through the same account.

You need to look at the casino that accepts and helps you withdraw your payment in CA Dollars through PayPal or any other deposit mode that you wish to use. Many casinos accept US dollars and you might end up paying 2.5% Paypal fee to convert the funds to Canadian dollars. So it is better to ask the online support team first about this and then proceed.

Contacting Paypal

At PayPal, they have over 800 customer service representatives standing by. From questions about opening an account to inquiries about using merchant tools, the PayPal Customer Service team is ready to help you.
Any other concern you may have, or to get more information about Paypal, you can visit Paypal Homepage. You will also find information about Paypal fees, Paypal Login and Paypal Coupon or about you financial online Paypal Account.

Paypal Canada offers the following phone number for customer service,

  • Paypal Sales:1-866-357-0135
  • Paypal Support:1-888-221-1161
  • Paypal Compare Payment Solutions Or Call:1-877-794-7385
  • Paypal Find the complete payment solution that’s right for you. You can always switch after you sign up. Or call at: 1-866-358-1295

You can also go to the Contact Page of Paypal Canada website and use the email option too.

If in any case the casinos do not have CA dollars acceptance for PayPal then go for other payment modes like Skrill and Ukash or UsemyBank where you have no problem in exchanging your currency. Also it is better to ask the customer support team whether they accept Paypal from Canada or not to be on safer side.