Casino Deposit Methods

Casino Deposit Methods

Best Canadian online casinos offer various casino deposit methods. Also known as banking or cashier at the casinos most of the online casinos have separate section which explains and lists the types of deposits options and withdrawal options for Canadian players. This section at the online casino is very important to understand because without a deposit at the casino you cannot play real money games or gamble to bet on sports or stocks.

Most of these online casinos accept Canadian currency so depositing is hassle free for Canadians. But few online casinos do not accept Canadian dollars but allow Canadians to play games in other currencies. Likewise there are many things that you need to first understand before making a deposit at the casino to enjoy games in real money.

  • Always check that the casino in which you opt to play offer many kinds of deposit options and not one or two deposit and withdrawals so that you have easy and convenient method to choose from.
  • Understand the cost of using any deposit and withdrawal mode so that you have hassle free banking transactions
  • Also find the reliability of the banking method including whether the banking method is provided by a reputable institution, and how easy the method is to use.
  • The online casino must be using latest secure encryption technology and software so that all your banking transactions are safe and secure. 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) digital encryption technology ensures all transactions are encrypted completely and impossible to hack into. Some casinos deploy even higher grade security protocols.  SSL technology is the standard security software used by the world’s biggest banks, shops and websites.
  • All payouts at the casino need also be regularly audited by independent third party auditors to ensure fair play by the casino.
  • The casino should process your withdrawals on time.
  • Last but not the least always read the terms and conditions associated with deposits and withdrawals and playing games as well as payouts.

Casino Deposit Methods

The most popular deposit and withdrawal methods used in Canadian online casinos are

Visa and Master card Credit cards

Visa and Mastercard

One of the safest and most reliable Canadian online casino payment options is the Visa and MasterCard credit card option. Using one of these credits cards at an online casino is the most reliable way of adding funds to your account and both Visa and MasterCard are known for their extremely high levels of security. The great thing about depositing with Visa or MasterCard is the speed in which the transactions are processed and also the high deposit limits that you are allowed. Depositing with Visa and MasterCard is really easy and this is why these credit cards have become a popular online payment method for so many Canadians.

Also as Visa is used internationally and the VISA debit/ credit / pre-paid cards are very easy and fast to use and in many casinos you even don’t need to register an online account to use your visa. The minimum deposit you can make with credit cards is CA$20- CA$25

Using a credit card to deposit funds with an online casino works in pretty much the same way as any other site where you would use your credit card.

Simply submit all the relevant card information including:

  • Card number
  • Card holder
  • Expiry
  • CCV number
  • Your address and that should be it.

There two basic options when using a credit card:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Visa is the more popular of the two and some casinos will also throw in a bonus just for using it. MasterCard works as well but it is important to note that MasterCard does not currently allow Canadian users to withdraw their winnings via MasterCard.

Bank Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer

Using bank wire to deposit or withdraw funds is also a popular banking method that is supported by virtually all online casinos. A wire transfer to an online casino is the transferring of funds from a bank account to another account. Wire transfers are used by many people to make payments, to send money to distant individuals or to make deposits into accounts at many wire transfer online casinos. A wire transfer is an alternative payment option to people who may not have credit or debit cards, or who prefer not to use them online. Wire transfers can be completed to casino web site by using a player’s checking account information and routing number. Wire transfer services can process the transaction for a small fee. There may also be a bank-end fee that varies from bank to bank, but can be quite substantial.

Often times it will take anywhere from overnight to a week for money deposited via wire transfer to appear in an online casino account. They can also be utilized at many online casino sites to withdraw winnings. The amount which can be withdrawn at once will change depending on the wire transfer online casino site, so players are advised to check with the rules first. Withdrawals made by wire transfer may take a few business days to arrive so it is not recommended for players who require winnings instantly or want to get started playing and having fun immediately.

One of the main reasons players choose online casinos accepting wire transfers is that they simply do not trust any online resources, and do not want to give out personal, private financial account information to the casinos. Bank wire transfer can be a bit more labour intensive and payment times can be quite a bit longer.



E-Check works much like the other electronic transfer methods that players are familiar with. To get started, players simply need to attach their bank account to their E-Check account after registration. Once that is complete, it’s possible to use E-Check to transfer any specified amount to an online casino. E-Check promises to offer fast transfer times and lower fees than other deposit methods of this type. The transfer method for online casinos also uses a secure encrypted server to ensure that player safety is paramount.

For those who prefer to pay for online gambling with a bank account, E-Check payment is the ideal option. E-Check payment method provides players with a card that they can use to withdraw from any ATM anywhere in the world or make an online payment. e-Check is accepted by many online casinos and also offers a direct connection to bank account. This means that with this method, as well as with E-Check, players don’t need to worry about using a credit card or anything else.

All you need is to enter the banking section of a reputed online Canadian Casino. You will be asked to enter the account and routing number of your bank and check — these can be found at the bottom of any check, with the routing number on the left and the account number on the right. After that, simply tell the casino how much you wish to deposit and hit submit. Then wait for few seconds and you will find that you have easily funded your online casino account and you have successfully made a deposit.

Skrill eWallet


Skrill is quite possible the most famous eWallet in the world and it is currently accepted at each of reputed Canadian online casinos. This secure online payment option for Canadian players allows you to deposit funds in to your favourite online casino, plus it also allows you to withdraw your funds. Deposits are usually processed in an instant and withdrawals can take up to 48 hours.

Depositing with Skrill and at online casino or making a withdrawal with Skrill is really easy. You need to register with Skrill to use their money transfer services and then you need to top up your Skrill account so that you can send those funds to your preferred gaming account. You can top up your skrill account in a number of different ways. The minimum deposit you can make with Skrill is CA$25 and minimum withdrawal is CA$500 which takes up to 48-72 hours.



Neteller is also a reliable eWallet for Canadian players. This perfectly secure online payment option allows you to deposit funds into your gaming account and it allows you to withdraw your winnings. Neteller processes deposits in a matter of seconds and withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 48 hours. Neteller also comes with extremely high levels of security.

Signing up to Neteller is free and topping up your Neteller eWallet account is easy. You can use a number of different methods to top up your eWallet and then you can instantly start sending those available funds to your preferred online casino. The great thing about depositing and withdrawing with Neteller is that it is really easy to use and that it is accepted at each of our featured online casinos. minimum deposit you can make with Neteller is CA$25 and minimum withdrawal is CA$500 which takes 48-72 hour maximum time.



These days many of the online casinos like the Rich Casino also offer Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal option for the players, as the cryptocurrency is on rise and widely used in online transactions.

  • To make a deposit with Bitcoin (BTC) first you need to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. As is BTC the wallet is also a virtual object and it could be lost if  not previously backed up. So choose the wallet which is reputed like online bitcoin wallet and is stored in the cloud servers hosted by third party. There are software wallets and these are being stored at your computer. You will need to back them up manually. Hardware wallets are available in a form of a USB device and also needs to be backed up manually.
  • Next after you have wallet you need to purchase Bitcoins from a reputable seller. As Bitcoin has no attachments to any bank of any kind and the currency circulated from peer to peer that is from user to user with appropriate BTC addresses.
  • When you register at an online casino that offer Bitcoin transactions then  you will obtain Bitcoin address or your own to use. The deposit to a casino account happens instantly only it needs to be confirmed by the block chain which might require sometime but only few minutes.
  • Same way you can withdraw with  Bitcoins. The cashing out process might take a bit longer than the deposit due to various checks and verifications the casino is obligated to perform manually and you are free to keep BTC in your e wallet.

Note that casinos have minimum deposit of CA$100 in BTC and withdrawal time takes from 48- 72 hours.

Instant Bank Transfer

Instant bank transfer

Instant Bank Transfer is a safe and secure casino banking method that allows players to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to their casino gaming accounts. Winnings can be withdrawn back to the bank account safely and securely. The Canada friendly instant bank transfer method is Instadebit.

To use Instadebit, Canadians have to sign up for its services, but do not have to load their Instadebit accounts. The procedure is similar to writing checks. The funds are instantly credited to players’ casino accounts although they are debited from their bank accounts in around two to five business days. Instadebit is 100% safe and anonymous as players do not have to reveal their banking details.

Prepaid Cards


This is another popular method in Canada facing casinos. Using a prepaid card gives players more control over their wagering activities as they can only use the funds loaded on their cards. Some of the most commonly used prepaid cards in Canada are UKash and PaySafeCard.

Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed. All you need is to find your local sales outlet with the search feature. Buy paysafecard there. It is available in these amounts: 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 or 250 CAD. Pay at online casinos with paysafecard by simply entering the 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

Easy EFT

Easy EFT

EasyEFT is another instant electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment service that allows you to make secure online payments directly from your bank account for free. You do not need any credit card nor registration to fund your casino account. All you need is to just select your bank and simply follow the steps required to process the EasyEFT deposit. Then complete the simple, guided process to make an online payment through your bank. Standard EFT fees from your bank may apply. The minimum deposit you can make with Easy EFT is CA$25



EcoPayz is another well know e-wallet which Canadian players love to use as it is one of the safest and easiest ways to transfer funds to your account. You need to first register with EcoPayz and open an account with them to use this mode. You can load your EcoPayz Account via Visa, Mastercard, Amex or JCB. The minimum deposit by this mode is $25 and minimum withdrawal is CA$500 which take 48-72 hours. To withdraw with this method online casinos also want you to fill out their pay-in request form and your account will be credited immediately.

Secure Instant deposit

Secure instant deposit is like instant bank transfer where you can deposit instantly using your local Canadian bank account. This method is a web-based payment service that allows Canadian residents to pay an online merchant directly from their bank account via their online or netbanking facility. Payment is instantly debited from their account and the casino is immediately notified that the payment has occurred. You do not need any credit card here to make a deposit. The minimum deposit you can make with this method is CA$25 and withdrawal takes place within 48-72 hours in Canadian currency.



Though there are few PayPal casinos for Canadian players but it is one of the most popular deposit methods used at online casinos to fund your casino account. Paypal is a third party e-wallet solution that allows you to make financial transactions online. Paypal and casinos work for the ease of the transaction process and the security it offers to people who are transferring money over the Internet. In order to use Paypal you just need an email address and a credit card or bank account.

  • So to fund your casino account with Paypal you must first have open a Paypal account. You just need an email address to do this. This is a fast and simple process and can be done online via their website.
  • You will also need to fund your Paypal account and this can be done via a bank account or a credit card that you have attached to it. You can use wire transfer, VISA, Master Card, VISA Debit or Maestro Debit to fund your Paypal account. Once this is done, you will be ready to use Paypal at casinos that offer this payment solution.
  • Simply go to the cashier section of the casino and click on Paypal as your method of choice. You will then be redirected to the Paypal website in order to complete your transaction.
  • You will need to fill in the required information in the fields provided such as your personal details and the amount you wish to transfer. Confirm the transaction and the funds will be transferred in real time to your casino account. You will be able to begin playing for real money using these funds almost instantly.

Paypal also makes withdrawals possible although this option is not available at all online casinos. Some casinos that offer Paypal may only allow deposits, while others may allow deposits and withdrawals. There may be a fee involved with using Paypal to fund your online casino account; however some casinos absorb this fee allowing you to use Paypal at no cost when funding your casino account.

The transactions are done in real time with Paypal which means that the transfer of funds is immediate from your Paypal account to your casino account. This allows you to start playing immediately with no delays of waiting for funds to clear that you might find with other payment solutions.

 Pre-paid Debit Cards

Pre-paid debit cards are also very popular with Canadian players, especially those that don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use their credit card for casino transactions. Quite simply, pre-paid debit cards can be bought at various stores and are pre-loaded with a certain amount in dollars. You buy the card, visit your online casino and select the specific pre-paid card option. The casino will then ask you to enter the pin number that comes with the card as well as that card number. These are popular because you don’t have to give any of your banking/credit card information to the casinos, they are completely safe and fool-proof.

How to make a deposit and a withdrawal at online casinos

Casino deposit methods

Making deposits at any of the Canadian Online Casino is straightforward. Simply visit the cashier section of your chosen casino, select your payment method, check what the minimum deposit requirement is, and transfer your funds.

Withdrawing winnings from a casino works slightly differently to depositing funs into your player account. While it is true that most online casinos prefer you to use the same method for both, not all online casinos will allow this, as is the case with MasterCard, who allow payment to be made but do not allow withdrawals from casinos for Canadian players.

Similarly go to cashier or withdrawal page/section  in online casino , choose the mode of withdrawal and check the withdrawal fees or other conditions and have your winnings.

  • Credit cards withdraws take 2 to 7 working days
  • Debit cards take 2 to 7 working days
  • E-wallets Up to 24 hours
  • Bank wire 3 to 7 working days

Ensure you withdraw within the limits mentioned for the various withdrawal methods available and choose the method you wish to use. Then, submit all the documents that the casino asks for. There is usually a pending period prior to approval of the withdrawal, during which the casino examines and validates all the documents provided. Once this is done the withdrawal is approved and the money reaches your bank in the timeframe provided.

It is therefore recommended to first read the casino reviews or visit the banking page of the casino you wish to play and choose the deposit and withdraw options which seems best suited to you. You can use E wallets or prepaid cards or credit or debit card, wire transfers or any method you feel satisfied and easy to use. For withdrawals many casinos also give cheques or other simple modes and you can use that too.  Remember you need to have sufficient bank balance or money to play games, stick to your bank roll and play wisely.